The Babes



Jamie is a singer, writer, music professor, jeweler, yogi, and cat mom. Four years ago, her life was forever changed when she had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Awakened literally overnight, she has been devouring the rich world of spiritual study ever since and using her gift of communication to help people navigate through their own spiritual journey. Jamie is fascinated with the world of natural health and healing and uses her own experiences to inspire others to create an exciting and authentic life.





Joseph is a yoga instructor, energetic healer, mentor, and creator of ChariotWith a lifetime of spiritual and supernatural experiences, his life has been his teacher. Born with extrasensory gifts and abilities, the supernatural was always natural for him. Luckily in a world that tends to squander and prune these abilities, he never lost them. This led him to his own deeper discoveries of the nature of reality. With these personal discoveries it has been his life long purpose to transmute his experiences to serve others in freeing themselves from pressures and concerns of human life.




Rebekah is the ultimate astro babe. She swings by Mystic Babe to deliver our daily fix of all things astrology. She is a double aries, singer, songwriter, star-gazer, cat-lover, dark-night-of-the-soul-survivor & everyday seeker in Los Angeles. She is the founder and creator of the spiritual podcast Everyday Seeker




Sara is a self-proclaimed spirit geek. She’s a cross between a sexy scientist and a psychic rogue. Her spiritual wisdom provides answers to all levels of spiritual questions. Her compassionate heart and ability to connect on a soul level fills you for days with beams of sunshiny love. Sara is an Akashic artist, nutrition lover, psychic channel, intuitive healer, and has a love for all that runs as deep as the ocean itself.


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