Top Ten With Lindsay: Items To Raise Your Home’s Vibration

By Lindsay

Are you ready for your house to levitate? Ok, I can’t promise your home will levitate but I can promise your space will vibrate higher and you will feel better by incorporating some new mystical items into your world!

Let’s break it down. You are a vibrating, multi dimensional, cosmic universe. You are a being made of pure energy, intention, soul, light, and frequency, incased in a meat suit (that’s how we say “body”). Your aura is the energetic, electromagnetic rainbow layer of color that surrounds you, which tells the story of the condition you are in as a living, breathing being. It weaves a tale of your emotional, mental, and physical states. This tale is composed of your thoughts, ideas and beliefs about life, humanity, and how you fit into all the chaos and craziness. Once you begin to understand that you are energy, you can begin to shift your focus and consciously manifest the life you truly want. Sometimes our auras, worlds, and personal space (home, office, car etc) can hold onto negative and nasty energies! It makes a massive difference to clean and clear your space as much as you see fit. The cleaner the energy, the happier your life will be… Let the levitating begin!

Below are my personal top ten favorite items to help cleanse your energies & sacred space:

1. Sage

Smudge yourself! Go ahead and channel your inner medicine woman or man. Every morning I have a little ritual where I sage myself starting at my crown and ending at my toes. I continue on throughout my home going through each room focusing on my plants, crystals, and especially my electronic devices, like my phone and laptop. You can do this while saying a little mantra if you like. I like to say, “Dear Universe, please clean and clear my energies. I am open to receive love and abundance today.” Set your intention and visualize the smoke clearing through any energetic blockages.

2. Frankincense

I live in a dry climate so the humidifier is key. I put just a few drops of the ancient and mystical Frankincense oil into the humidifier for air purity. Benefits include but are not limited to: air purity, antiseptic and properties, and gastrointestinal and intestinal aids. Essential oils are powerful healers and are scientifically proven to be extremely effective in reducing stress and lifting your mood.

3. Crystals

I find myself surrounded by an enormous amount of crystals. I keep them by my bed, near my plants, and in my car. Crystals are known for holding and magnifying vibrations and they energetically enhance space. Make sure you are consistently cleaning and clearing your crystals.

4. Mexican Yoga Blanket

I have many of these beauties hanging around my home. They are filled to the brim with ancient wisdom and intention. Use them to call in or access some fresh and blessed space. Hold the intention that every time you sit or meditate on your blanket, you will be clean, clear, and happy. Be careful when buying these babies online since they can be pretty pricey. If you travel anywhere in the southwest, you can find them for less than $10. I bought mine in Sedona for $10!

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Best. Thing. Ever. Cleans the air, crushes negativity, and improves your mood. There are many scientific explanations on these home levitators. The salt releases negative ions, which purify the air you’re breathing and counteracts the energetic smog emitted by your electronic devices.

6. Dream Catcher

I bought a beautiful dream catcher in Utah that was hand made by a lovely Hopi Indian. As the legend goes… Place your dream catcher near your bed and it will catch all the bad dreams, leaving you with a blissful nighttime astral travel.

7. Sandalwood Candle

Burn em. If you can establish a daily routine burning a candle to call in positive energy, do it! Sandalwood is a holy tree, the oil of which vibrates the first and fourth chakras. It is extremely healing and grounding. Happy chakras= happy space.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound therapy is extremely powerful! The small act of listening to these ancient instruments is said to be deeply relaxing and meditative. Boy do I agree. With each sound of the bowl, stress is reduced, blood flow is increased, and your heart rate is lowered. They are also lovely for establishing a ritual toward opening and closing any sacred space.

9. Power Reads

I feel empowered surrounded by many books. Books are like the heart chakra of your home. My house is full of them! Check out my Top Ten Here.

10. Plants & Spirit Animals

Plants are a natural air and energy purifier. I have many succulents in my home because they thrive in my climate. Tending and caring for plants is a cathartic experience and also helps with energy in the home. I also love the powerful imagery of Spirit animal art. Layer your rooms with subconscious cues that trigger happy and positive thoughts! Maybe you include some power and totem animals, which are true spiritual companions that hold shamanic space for healing.

What are your favorite space clearing and home healers? Leave a comment below and let us know how these work for you! Happy levitating!

(Pictures: some our own, some via Pinterest)

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