Mystic Babe Guide To Developing Clairvoyance

By Sara

During this new-age of spiritual mysticism, many common questions are being sparked regarding the difference between imagination and clairvoyance. Many people find clairvoyance to be mystical, mysterious, and sadly, an out of reach phenomena. However, imagination is a means by which we can begin to develop our clairvoyance. And the good news is, we all have equal access to psychic information. It is merely a matter of developing the skills to bring this information forward.

Everyone has been imaginative at some point in their life. Children are especially able to use their imaginative minds to create a world of fantasy. From magical castles to sword fights and Princess stories, we can weave anything through our imagination. In the realms of imagination we have complete free will to create anything we desire. Imagination is the medium that casts either fantasy or clairvoyance, but not both at the same time.

Clairvoyance is intentionally choosing and developing the ability to see through the filter of imagination, which is able to bring forward the universal bank of knowledge of psychic intuition. What occurs during clairvoyant insight is this: The clairvoyant is entering into a web between the person, place, or thing, and the higher perspectives of this person, place, or thing. Every clairvoyant then connects to the decided upon language of the imagination (the images which symbolize various meaning) to interpret the messages. Many psychics are able to use multiple ways to gather information, such as clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and other extrasensory abilities.

The language of the psychic must be understood before confidence is built. Self-trust is everything to the clairvoyant. We must trust the messages we receive. Therefore, clairvoyance is developed when we begin to learn the language our psychic self speaks through. It can feel like learning Japanese characters at first, but soon you will notice a pattern every time you see a certain symbol. For instance, you may be speaking with a friend who has come to you for advice on whether she should leave her job or stay. You may suddenly see the image of a key flash into your minds eye. This is your first indicator that your psychic (clairvoyant) self is trying to communicate with you. At first, all you need to do is simply have an open mind and pay attention to when these images appear, as well as what you are feeling and experiencing in the moment of its appearance. You can also begin asking yourself what a key represents to you. It is not about what you think it should mean, it is about your own personal perception.

To one person, the visual of a key may mean, “opening doors”. To another it may feel as if something is “locked” or “blocked” in some way, where to another it may represent “the golden key of success”. To some it may share multiple meanings, which are dependent of the situation and feeling created in the moment.

It is important to trust your intuition while you are developing these skills. You will be forming a brand new relationship to yourself. This can be both an empowering process and can be challenging if you have a hard time with self-trust. This is a great way to meet your higher-self (your pure and infinite soul-self) and begin to establish trust. Something that is helpful to know during your clairvoyant development is that our mind cannot create images that aren’t “real” to some degree. If you have moments of questioning if you are really seeing something, you are. You are already sensing the presence of the imagined perception if you are seeing it in the minds eye.

As you learn the language that your imagination uses for clairvoyance, you should bring yourself to a calm and safe space internally before working with this psychic center. If information or symbols come through which do not feel good, try to practice duality. For instance, if you see an image of someone dying, it may not mean a physical death. It may mean a death of the ego, death of an old pattern, letting go, and so on. This is why it’s important to be in a calm space when accessing the clairvoyant sectors of the imagination. If you are in a fear-based space, the imagination can quickly turn to a fear-based fantasy, which is not actual clairvoyance. Below is a guide I’ve created to help you jumpstart your own clairvoyant journey!

10 Heavenly Steps for Beginners to Connect to Their Clairvoyance:

This list is geared toward helping you to connect your lower and higher-self which is how clairvoyance emerges in your day-to-day experience.

• Ask and you shall receive. Set the intention that you would like to become more clairvoyant.

• Have a chat with yourself to clearly state the reasons you want to become clairvoyant. It’s important to come from a space of love and not ego. A gift like this is developed because it is in the highest of all good (I.e. it helps you, and it helps others).

• Clear your third eye psychic center (located between the brows in the center of the forehead). Place a quartz crystal over the area and imagine any blockages being absorbed by the crystal baby.

• Drink a lot of high-quality water and eat a balanced and healthy diet. A plant based is best for psychic development as it is the most pure, and resonates with the plant kingdom, which is full of life. AVOID fluoride products like toothpaste or traditional tap water. Fluoride is proven to create calcification in the pineal gland (the mecca of your psychic center located in the brain).

• Commit to a Meditation Practice.

• Commit to 5 minutes of meditation and build toward 30 minutes over time

• First, start with some slow, deep breaths and start to notice everything you are hearing.

• Second, notice everything you smell, while still noticing everything you are hearing.

• Third, notice what you hear and smell while simultaneously feeling everything you possibly can (the air against your skin, your clothing, sensations in the body, etc).

• Fourth, hear, smell, feel, while opening your eyes and gazing gently at the room in front of you. Notice everything you see (while still having awareness of sound, smell, and feeling).

• Fifth, close your eyes once again and hear, smell, feel, but this time, see with your eyes closed. At first it may just appear like blackness, but see if there are any other images. Just observe without judgment.

• When you feel completely in the present moment (when you are present, your mind will feel settled), create a declaration of intention. Declare, “I-AM Clairvoyantly seeing” “I-AM responsible to my clairvoyance” “I-AM ready for clairvoyance, and so it is.” State these declarations 3 times in your mind or out loud. Say it with conviction and knowingness.

• If at any point your mind begins to wander (and it will), simply bring your awareness back to the exercise. Start and restart as many times as you need to during this meditation. This meditation brings you into the present moment. It also trains you to use your senses in harmony, which will help to bridge the connection to your clairvoyant self.

• Connect to your dreams by writing them down right after they occur. Review them in the morning. Seeing with your mind as you sleep is a form of clairvoyance.

• Make a list of synchronicities you experience them throughout the day. This helps tell the universe you have space in your life for your psychic self, and quite literally invites this self to become a part of your life. Do you see the number 11:11 or other repeating numbers a lot? (11 and other number signs are often associated with an angel trying to get your attention.) Or perhaps your gas station receipt was $33.33 or maybe you were craving hot soup for lunch when a co-worker bought an extra one and offered it to you. These are all ways in which your clairvoyance is being activated. We think thoughts within our mind and send them out through our third eye/psychic center, and then clairvoyantly see the physical manifestation with our real eyes. When you’re seeing these Angel number signs, you are gathering the physical evidence sent from the spirit realms as a response to your original intention to connect with them. Think of synchronicity as the Universal wink 😉

• The next time someone asks for your personal opinion, take a moment to silently connect with them before responding. See if you can feel their energy. See if you can feel the answer to their question first, and then see if there are flashes within your minds eye with clues. You may suddenly feel like you are riding a bike or you may see a yellow flower. Take a mental note of the clues you receive – this is your first clairvoyant message. It is a good idea to write these symbols down after the encounter. This is the moment where your original intention will begin to manifest in your 3D experience.

• Encourage yourself! This doesn’t happen over night. A steady practice is what builds confidence and opens your channels to psychic connections. You can speed up this process by paying attention to any insights and intuitions you have. Write them down and state them out loud. This creates evidence for you to believe in you more.

• Remain grounded. Spend time connecting to your body by feeling your feet on the ground (better yet, walk barefoot on the earth!) or sit connected to the ground beneath you. Spending too much time in the spirit realms creates challenges for daily living, and it is important to notice the beautiful experiences happening in the 3D. As fun as it is to experience things in the spiritual realms, it is most important to create a balance between the two.

I hope this has inspired you to delve into experimenting with your clairvoyance! Let us know how your experience was by commenting below.

(all art via Pinterest)

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