Spiritual ADD


by Jamie

Dressed in my tie-dye yoga pants, my Ganesh t-shirt, and adorned in my stone mala beads, I have a crystal in each hand preparing to practice Reiki on myself. My laptop stares at me from my desk with multiple tabs open: Nova’s special on String Theory, the newest Matt Kahn energy transmission, an instructional video on Astral travel, and a Bashar’s channeling interview all call to me vying for my attention. After this, I have to choose which unfinished metaphysical book I want to focus on, and then maybe I’ll remember to do one of my myriad guided meditations before bed. With a freshly saged bedroom and eucalyptus essential oil diffusing on the nightstand, I am the quintessential New-Age character archetype.

Here is the painted picture of how a typical night for me has looked in the past. Filled with extreme excitement and utter overwhelm. Committing to a spiritual path opens up an endless world of exploration. Whether you’re more drawn to the Eastern/Zen approach, or the New-Age Never Never Land, there is more than enough information to enhance your journey. After my awakening which one may consider a “Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening”, my whole world turned upside down. Everything changed and I opened to an entirely new dimension of reality that altered the way I viewed and lived my life. Luckily, the resources out there are rich and abundant and I have been soaking up every last bit of knowledge ever since.

Yet there came a time recently, where I felt I was spiritually all over the place. The books, the programs, the lectures, the practices, and the belief systems were all competing for my time and attention and I felt completely ungrounded. Being so committed to my spiritual self-improvement was making me feel out of balance and confused. I was doing too much. My extreme Virgo-style quest for ultimate understanding was making me crazy. I felt like a kid in a candy store grabbing everything I could find and eating as much as I could.

Here is a list I created of popular topics that I’ve delved into. Each have their own rabbit-hole of endless exploration:

• Law of Attraction

• Quantum Theory

•Shadow/Inner Child work


•Angels and Spirit Guide communication/healing


•Chakra Healing

•Crystal Energy Work

•ETs and Starseeds


•Psychic Development

•Reiki/Qi Gong


•Past Life Regression


With further journeying into the abyss of

• Lucid Dreaming/Astral Travel

• Ancient Civilizations/Atlantis and Lemuria

• Sound Healing

• Feng Shui

• Homeopathy/Herbology

• Aromatherapy

• Flower and Crystal Essences

• Tarot

• Animal Totems

• Raw or Vegan Diets

Not only are these subjects involved and at times complicated, many require extreme commitment and action. For example, psychic development, Astral travel, and Reiki all require a dedicated daily practice to fine tune the skill. Shadow work and EFT Tapping are intense and emotional healing modalities meant to uncover past trauma and help release you from emotional and physical pain. These methods are meant for people serious about their spiritual acceleration and healing and I don’t recommend trying them in public.

I want to know everything. It’s a part of who I am. Not only do I want to better myself, I want to have a variety of methods to help other people. The point of all the research and reading is to find what best resonates with you.

At the end of the day, the “right way” is only what your inner voice says it is. Your higher self has all the answers you’ll ever need. And the greatest commitment you could ever make was the willingness to listen to it.


For more resources head here: mystic babe resources

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