How to Raise Your Vibration Using Food

By Lindsay

What you consume has an enormous effect on your body and vibration. That being said, each individual holds a unique vibration. You are accustomed to choosing foods for their taste, nutritional value, aesthetic appeal, and amount of calories. Are you missing anything? What about energy? The foods you eat are energy. The drinks you drink are energy. You are energy! We (humans) are clusters of energy waves, moving faster and faster all the time. As a human you have agreed to see yourself as solid forms in this reality. Everything you do and think, everything you eat and drink, everything you put into and around your body effects the overall vibration of your entire being. This affects the whole universe.

There are only two types of real foods: food originated from organisms nourished by the sun and food originated from organisms nourished by the earth. This does not include foods that come in a box, a can, a package, or frozen. These food sources cannot give life force energy because they are not from life (when I say food sources I am not referring to nutrition, I am only speaking of vibration). Foods that come from sources nourished by the earth would all be animals including byproducts such as dairy. These foods have the effect of lowering and grounding your vibration. Meat especially dulls your senses and lowers your vibration. It takes more vital life force to digest meat.  Eating meat helps to ground the mind energy (the energy of the upper chakras: crown, third eye, throat) and brings it down into the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus). Your body is so busy processing the meat that it reduces your psychic abilities and intuitive sensitivities. When you eat meat, it brings a lot of blood down to the digestive system and away from the areas associated with the upper chakras and intuition, like the brain, and some senses like hearing and sight. Eliminating or limiting meat consumption, especially red meat, will improve vibration.

A predominantly plant-based diet helps you to become more open and sensitive to the spirit world. The diet that offers the highest vibration is raw food. A raw food diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. Tropical raw foods have the highest vibration due to their place of origin, closest to the sun. The sun is light. Light is love!  These foods get their nutrition from the sun and eating them will raise your vibration. Cooking vegetables reduces their ability to impact you. Raw food puts you at the top of your frequency. If you want to raise your vibration, adopt a raw food regiment for a few days to cleanse your body. You will notice that you feel lighter in every way.

Do I live only on a plant based- raw food diet? Absolutely not. I try my best to put foods in my body that will not only nourish and help me thrive, but will also raise my vibration. I am by no means perfect. I try very hard not to eat meat. The only times that I do is if someone has prepared dinner for me and I am the houseguest. I remind myself that this meal was prepared with Love (especially while experiencing another country or culture). I once spent ten days in Istanbul with a close friend. My refusal of her grandmother’s slow roasted Kuzu Kamapa (lamb stew) struck a core inside of her that I’ll never forget! Let’s just say, I do not wish the wrath of a Turkish grandma on anyone. The main reason why I dislike eating meat is because (in this country) I have a hard time understanding where the meat comes from and what exactly it has gone through to get to my plate. I won’t get into the corrupt and ethically bogus systems that this country utilizes when it comes to killing animals. There’s a lot of information out there for you. 

Random Mosque Selfie in Istanbul

Random Mosque Selfie in Istanbul

When you ingest meat of an animal who has experienced great pain, suffering, abuse, and hormones, your body will consume that energy. Your vibration will lower as a result of that and you may even find it extremely difficult to digest this foul meat. Your lower chakras (root, solar, and sacral) will begin working overtime and as a result you may become off balance. This also goes for eggs, milk, cheese, or anything that came from that mistreated animal. I’ve found my body physically rejects products that come from this troubling source. I become ill and my energy gets low. It feels like I’m trying to digest a 10lbs of concrete the pain is so excruciating. 

Art by Franz Falckenhaus

If you find yourself in a situation where you have limited choices and the food in front of you isn’t the highest vibration or nourishing food, here’s what you could do: 1. Set an intention. For example, “Please God (or Universe or Source or Sun etc) send this food light and love. Energize each molecule so when I eat this I will feel strong, loved, and powerful. So be it (amen, thank you, godspeed etc).” 2. Actually hover your hands over the food while visualizing a stream of light and love powering into your head (crown), through your body, into your hands and through the food. Visualization is powerful!

When you eat foods that have a high and rapid vibration, you are more able to hold a strong, healthy, exuberant and joyful state. When you eat foods of a slower, lower frequency, you lower your vibrations and, wonder why you don’t feel quite so good that day. So know that you have the power to alter your moods and energy levels just by choosing the right, high vibin’ foods! Love yourself and treat your body like the God it is!

Here’s your guide for high vibrational living! Enjoy. (list courtesy of Mind Body Green)


  • Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables
  • Natural supplements, like spirulina
  • Herbal Teas
  • Herbs and spices
  • Pure or filtered water — reverse osmosis or freshly collected spring water are the best choices 
  • Healthy oils, like olive oil and coconut oil 
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fermented foods
  • Raw chocolate
  • Raw honey and maple syrup
  • Legumes
  • Grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, amaranth, and spelt 


  • Genetically modified (GMO) food, and conventional food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides
  • White rice and flours 
  • Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)
  • Coffee 
  • Sodas 
  • Alcohol
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods
  • Unhealthy oils, like canola, cottonseed, margarine, and vegetable oils
  • Frozen foods
  • Pasteurized cows milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Cooked foods, deep fried foods and microwaving food



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